Name Taylor, Damien L
Date of Birth 12 September, 1977
Race Black
Sex Male
Expected Release Date 1 January, 2133
Height 5 feet 4 Inches
Department of Correction # 262737
Facility Kinross Correctional Facility
Address 16770 Watertower Drive
City, State Kinross, Michigan
Zip Code 49788
Smoke No
Prefer letters from Male and Female
Dear friends. I am revealing myself. I am a man born in the United States of America (USA)doing a life sentence in a Michigan prison whom had not had his day in court. The United States Constitution, Amendment VI., declares, "In all criminal prosecutions, the accused shall enjoy the right to a speedy and public trial...", friend, these Rights grafted into the original blessings of Liberty provided to us by the MOST HIGH GOD are not being afforded to me. I confess, I hid myself. For a decade and a half I sought redress for this, this bill of attainder: I embarked o this mission afraid to seek help but clothed in the mental and physical strength and confidence that I could vindicate myself, not wanting to be a burden to anyone. A decade and a half, here I sit, in prison, having made no real progress and please believe it's not for lack of trying. A quote from Bishop T.D. Jakes book entitled, 'Loose That Man & Let Him Go' is fitting here. Adam was afraid to reveal himself, so he hid himself. Men who are afraid to reveal themselves like to give "things", like money, gifts, houses, or even sex instead. All these things are easier to give then ourselves. Adam didn't hid his work: he hid himself behind his work. Have you hidden who you really are from those around you? Have you hidden how you are changing or aging from those around you? Have you hidden your needs and then became angry because they were not being met? "I hid myself." You can't have genuine friendship if you hide your true self. If you hide, then your friends will love what you do, and now who you are! Suppose that for some reason you can no longer "Do what you do." Does love you just because you are you? Have you revealed the "real you" to anyone else? True friendship and intimacy are achieved when you feel so comfortable around others the you can be yourself. Stop hiding yourself. If you don't you may loose your true self and become the lie you pretend to be! Your loving God is seeking the man he has made who is hurting. God is your only hope, your last chance, and your only solution. Yet, instead of running to the embrace of God, you insist on hiding behind the ridiculously small, dying fig leaves of human achievement! Adam's little apron was falling apart even as he made it, and he didn't have the good sense to come out of hiding! You don't have any excuse either. Like Adam, I didn't hide my mental and physical strength or my confidence that I could vindicate myself; I hid myself behind my self confidence and my mental and physical strength. I have hidden my needs for help in completing this mission. I am hurting. I am running to embrace God. Friend, I am requesting any help you are willing to provide me in my pursuit of justice; any help, including but not limited to the following: spiritual, mental, and or physical support, press conference campaign, legal expertise, forensic expertise, internet access and exposure, T.V. and or radio access and exposure and private investigation. For more details please contact me. Friend, I know you care, please don't hide yourself I need your embrace. Please remember "Injustice anywhere is injustice everywhere."
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