Name Charles, Jibri O
Date of Birth 21 October, 1984
Race Black
Sex Male
Expected Release Date 1 January, 2133
Height 6 feet 1 Inches
Department of Correction # V-31402
Facility Gulf Correctional Facility
Address 699 Ike Steel Rd
City, State Wewahitchka, Florida
Zip Code 32465
Smoke No
Prefer letters from Male and Female
There was a time when I took everything I loved for granted. My family, friends, and my own life. Small things. I really didn’t appreciate or take advantage of when I had the chance. Things like when my lil cousins used to wake me up asking me to get them some cereal. At the time it was an annoyance but now when I think about it, it was a truly beautiful thing. The first thing is that I woke up. The next is that I opened my eyes to the adorable sweetness of a child. The third is that she came to me knowing that I would help her and now I wish I could be there for all my younger family members. I think about family reunions and other get togethers. Being around immediate family and others that you don’t even know their names. I’m regretting the fact that I never tried to learn from them. Learn from their lives, see what they’ve been through and where they’re trying to go. Thoughts on this and thoughts on that. Family, the ones that want to see you succeed the most. When it comes to friends, to have true friends you have to be a true friend. Before I got locked up a couple of my aces went to prison. I thought about writing them, sending them some subscriptions and money. I tried to get their information. I just didn’t try hard enough. So if they got out and never made contact with me, can I be mad? I can’t and wouldn’t because I’ve learned forgiveness. The life I lived was about excitement and satisfaction, receiving all the blessings that came with money. The things about living fast is you blow past a lot of beautiful scenery that you aint paying no attention to. Now I’m stuck in the same scene and I’m tired of it. Patience is key. I always thought I’d come to prison, never thought I would end up with two life sentences though. All through school and by people just testing my thought process I’ve been told I’m intelligent. I am to smart too be stuck in here. That isn’t a statement, that is a prophecy of the future. I like to give myself to others. I know who I am and I know what I’m capable of. I am a good listener. I like to know how others think and view different things. Trust is to be gained, but assure you that I am a trustworthy person. I hold many secrets, few are mine. I’ve had my heart broken before and have run from love since. I like to think of myself as an artist. I write raps and poems. I got a couple of ideas for books. Started writing one but haven’t been exactly putting my all into it. I read more than I watch TV, listen more than I talk, exercise more than I sleep and stay away from the mystery meat that’s for institutional use only. I believe in being real. Be Real as in truth. I believe lies are produced by fear. I fear nothing. I look forward to corresponding with different types of people. Your letters and pictures will be greatly appreciated. Take care.
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